Asset management

[*Managing a pool of equipments*] is not as simple as providing a listing and managing the maintenance and calibration process for the equipments.

For FC EQUIPMENTS it is a dynamic management of the pool including :

- An expertise on the equipments used and to be used,
- A forecast of the customer’s need,
- The sharing of the equipments,
- The ability to buyback the customer’s pool of equipments,
- The logistics,
- The calibration,
- The maintenance,
- The rental, the sales and purchase of Test & Measurement tools,
- A management tool for human resources and projects.

The purchase of the existing pool and the sharing An FC EQUIPMENTS’ specificity

FC EQUIPMENTS can buy back your existing pool and rent it to you for a duration defined jointly as a function of your real needs. The surplus is proposed for sales by FC Equipments. You get the cash generated by the buy back which you can then allocate to other needs.

FC EQUIPMENTS can manage the sharing of each companies’ internal needs as well as the needs of the client companies.

The flexibility in the management of the pool.

It consist of the possibility to re integrate or to extract an equipment from the managed pool at any time without the traditional penalties.

You get the ability to increase or reduce the duration of the rental on the basis of the market value. The calibration and maintenance are defined as a function of your real needs.

The users can return the equipments and get new ones at any time.

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